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Company Canteen Offers Meals Officially

With the collaborative efforts of the Dietary Management Committee, CTC has finished decorating the kitchen and hiring employees. And also the kitchen has been equipped with kitchenware. After all preparatory work was finished, we took more than half a month’s trial where we’ve kept summing up experience constantly and endeavored to fit together. We have all basic conditions of normal operations right now. CTC canteen is strict with choosing food material and oil of famous brands which are all purchased from regulated channels. All expired, spoiled and stale vegetables and meat and drainage oil are definitely resisted. The kitchen, kitchenware and tableware will be cleaned and disinfected. Food cooking takes standardized procedures. Parts like raw material, storage, production, transport, dining and management are all intended to achieve the safety standards, offering employees safe food. On Aug. 6th, 2014, CTC company canteen offers working meals officially which are clean, safe and reassuring. Food is the paramount necessity of the people. Building a safe, hygeian and healthy food engineering is another steadfast step in CTC’s core values – respect for employees, responsibility and mission.

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