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CTC has passed acceptance of safety production standardization successfully, being awarded the standard enterprise.


Safety is the primary factor for enterprises’ survival and development. Responsibility is extremely heavy. CTC involves the active cooperation with Work Safety Supervision Bureau in promoting safety production standardization – internally reviewing safety work, perfecting management system, complete hazards screening, emergency rescue training, increasing investment of safety facilities and other special activities. Meanwhile, accident-prevention system is implemented and safety management is improved in all aspects. Currently CTC has obtained the certificate of safety production standardization supervised by State Administration of Work Safety (Certificate Number: AQBIIIQG苏201301300). Safety production standardization means establishing precaution mechanism and regulating production behaviors by establishing safety production responsibility system, safety management system and operation procedures, screening and resolving hazards and monitoring major hazard resources in order to make sure that all producing processes conform to requirements of related safety production laws and regulations and standard specifications. Man, machines, materials and environment are all in good production conditions and. Continuous improvements are made to strengthen to construct the enterprise safety production. Safety production standardization embodies the policy of “safety first, prevention first and comprehensive approach” and people-oriented scientific development, emphasizes the standardization, scientization, systematization and legalization, strengthens risk management and process control, pays attention to performance management and continuous improvements, conforms to fundamental laws about safety management, represents development direction of modern safety management and becomes a combination of advanced safety management thoughts, China’s traditional safety management methods and enterprise’s concrete practical situation in order to improve enterprise safety production efficiently and promote the fundamental improvements of safety production in various enterprises. Safety production standardization includes 16 aspects: security objectives, organizational structure and personnel, safety responsibility system, safety production investment, laws, regulations and safety management system, team construction, production equipment, technology innovation and informatization, job management, hazards screening and handling, hazards identification and risk control, occupational health, safety culture, emergency rescue, accidents reporting, investigating and handling, performance rating and continuous improvements. By a series of work related to safety production standardization, CTC comes to a new level in hardware facilities, software system, standardized operations and other aspects, which plays an important security role in personnel, equipment, materials, environment and so on. Meanwhile, safety production needs taking into account of all the time and also needs continuous improvements. Management of safety production standardization is also becoming a guiding principles and an important standard of future daily safety work.

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